Panyanakul School
Childrens Day at Panyanakul School  51,192.00 THB
Panyanakul School is located on the Hua Hin bypass close to the Silpakorn University Petchaburi Technology Campus.  It is a government sponsored school who pay for equipment, food, staff, and uniforms.  The School was opened on the 14th May 2539 (1996) for children with all types of special needs and autism. The school offers both residential and day care for some 389 children of whom some 340 attended today’s event. The School has over 60 management, teachers and support staff.
The School is currently a focus of a project for the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin by Rotarian Keith Humphreys who is supporting the School and developing improved teaching techniques for children with special needs.  This year marked the 9th Year the RC Royal Hua Hin have provided support for this prestigious event. It was pleasing to note that once again this event attracted a fantastic response from Rotarians and guests from around the globe, family, and Rotaractors from Stamford International University.
The day’s events included a bouncy castle provided by RC Royal Hua Hin, painting activities, basketball, football, and other sporting activities supported by Rotarians and guests alike. The music provided by Stamford Rotaractors enabled some of the Rotarians to strut their stuff with the students that resembled a 1960’s disco.
Lunch for some 340 students was provided and served by the RC Royal Hua Hin, guests and famileis that offered the choice of chicken or pork and rice. A special thanks goes to Tesco Lotus who once again provided support to the sum of 10,000 THB for dry goods and ice creams for the children.