Red Cross Donation - 11 Aug 21

Donation to Hua Hin Red Cross -   THB 32,390.00   Following consultation with the Red Cross Medical Clinic in Hua Hin, three items of equipment were identified by the Clinic to help support their daily operations.
1. A Longray model 2680 mist sprayer which can spray chemicals, disinfectants and deodorants which will enable the clinic to maintain clean working areas within the treatment areas by helping to neutralize any contamination of areas of Covid-19.
2.  A battery operated Aspira Go 30 portable suction machine (aspirator), designed for use in multiple clinical and surgical settings such as hospitals, aged care facilities, day surgeries and homecare.
3.  A a new wireless access point to replace an outdated system in use that does not support the Medical Clinic Day to day operations.