Thoracic Society of Thailand
August 2018  -  The Thoracic Society of Thailand  20,000.00 THB
In a joint project with the Rotary Club of Hua Hin , the Thoracic Society of Thailand came to the region with two X-Ray vehicles, one at Nongplub, the other at Hua Hin Hin General Hospital No 3 on Soi 89.  The initiative was aimed at treating Tuberculosis in Hua Hin area. 
Over the two days about 500 local residents attended and received an x-ray to establish if any lung disease was present.  Any found were taken to Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin and treated at no cost to themselves.
Members from both Rotary Clubs in Hua Hin attended Hospital No 3 on both days to support this important event for the local community and supplied, prepared and served drinks and meals of minced pork, Thai food, fried eggs, omelettes and rice.  The rice came pre-packaged and ready to serve and the eggs and omelettes cooked on site.