Tuesday’s lunch meeting welcomed our special guests Sompratthana Nawong and her team from E-Jan, the online Thai media company.
Earlier this year a teacher from the special needs section at the Nongkhon School wrote to E-Jan and asked them to help find a new classroom for the 40 students with learning difficulties as the current classroom was no longer fit for purpose.
E-Jan who have sponsored similar projects in Thailand to support worthwhile causes, agreed to build a new specialist school in Black Mountain at a potential cost of 20 million Thai Baht. Following several meetings, the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin (RCRHH) agreed to help sponsor a specialist audio sensory Cheqroom at the school under phase two of the project starting mid-2023. The cost of this room is 1 million Thai Baht.
So far the we have committed 500,000 Thai Bhat to the project with the Rotary Club of Bangkok South supporting this cause by donating 100,000 Thai Baht. It is hoped that through further support our club can make up the further 400,000 Thai Bhat required to complete this room.
Phase one of the project which started in May this year and was celebrated with a “Ground Breaking Ceremony” is progressing well with 50% of the external structural work nearly completed and phase one should be completed by June 2023.
Five members of the E-Jan team attended the event, supported by 27 members and guests. Following the meeting the E-Jan team were taken to the Rotary Education Centre at the Nongkhon school to look at the Education Facility our club have built. Sompratthana who founded E-Jan was very impressed with the project and thanked our club for helping to improve the lives of Thai people.
The Rotary club of Royal Hua Hin would like to thank Rotary Club of Bangkok South once again for their support of our club.