Songkhla is one of the most Southern provinces in our Rotary District 3330, and much of its border is with Malaysia. The Rotary Club of Hat Yai Nakarin became our sister club in April 2020 and is one of 7 RC in that area.
Past President and Past Assistant Governor Penny Ritthikan of the Rotary Club of Hat Yai Nakarin requested our club join them in a joint project to support 10 Police Border Schools by helping them to be more self-sufficient by providing seeds and baby fish for 10 Police Border Schools in the Songkhla area.
The Police Border Schools included Baan Baroi, Baan Chaikuan, Baan Toongsabaijai, Baan Prabobook, Cheanpisanyabutr, Baan Hadsai, Baan Suemualchon, Baan Maharaj, Samnak, and Polesknual.
Another sister club of Hat Yai Nakarin, the Rotary Club of KL DiRaja from Malaysia who are one of the largest and oldest clubs having been chartered for 95 years.
The project plan was to purchase 700 trays of seeds at 80 Thai Baht a tray costing 56,000 Thai Bhat, and the purchase of baby fish costing 50,000 Thai Bhat.
The total cost of the project was 100,000 Thai Baht split between the three clubs, Hat Yai Nakarin contributing 40,000 Thai Bhat, and the remaining 60,000 split between our club and RC KL DiRaja.
The project objective was to help these schools become more self-sufficient by breeding their own fish and growing their own vegetables.
The handing over ceremony to the 10 schools took place at the Cheanpisanyabut Police Border School on the 7th October 2022.