The Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin once again stepped in to support young Thai vocational students, and help young people develop themselves for a brighter future in Thailand.
 On the 19th January 5 Students and 2 teachers departed from Suvarnabhumi airport to Helsinki. One of these students was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin for 100,000 Thai Baht which paid for flights and accommodation for that student.
The location of the exchange program which is a part of the Erasmus+ European program which helps to facilitate students studying and exchange programs within the European Union with its partner countries was the Mercuria College in Finland.
On arrival Jos Muijtjens the project founder for the Thai Administration business College in Ayutthaya, and the students met the other students and teachers from Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Spain who were part of the exchange program.
 In total 25 students and 10 teachers were divided into teams of 5 students (one from each country) and 2 teachers. After the introduction each team had to go separate ways, as each team was to visit another company in the Helsinki area. The students spent a couple of days (and some also evenings) to work with the companies on their Social Media marketing Campaign. During the program the students worked on their campaign and their final presentation of it to promote their specific company.
Jos stated it was great to watch our Thai students seamlessly integrate with the students of the other countries. It was like their shyness disappeared from the first moment they worked with their international team. Teacher Yo and Jos were appointed to a team that visited a Martial Arts company.
"They had great ideas and in the beginning I was afraid that we couldn't manage all of their ideas, until the final day when I saw that all puzzle pieces came together.  All of the presentations were different, but the results were to the satisfaction of all the companies.  I was really amazed that such an international team of students could work together in such a short time and do the job!"
All of our students received a Certificate of Completing the Social Media Marketing Campaign.
Jos went onto say "These kind of vocational training programs are worth more than a school year. It is heartwarming to see our Thai students develop so quickly. However, without the support that we received of the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin, this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and hopefully we can continue these projects in the future again with your support".