25th February 2019 saw the 10th Anniversary of the Phetchaburi Panyanukul children’s fun day, only this year with a difference.

Following extensive work underpinning the “Thai Voices ” one of the two Rotary Club Royal Hua Hin flagship projects for 2019/20, the event was radically changed to reflect the new approach to teaching children with learning difficulties.

This year saw the focus shift from teacher led games and activities to where children themselves chose the level at which they wished to participate in the play activities.

For children with high abilities, they were able to take part in games focused on social and commutative skills, based on games played by the scout movement and developed by Rini Busschers and supported by the Rotaractor’s of Stamford International University.

For Children with moderate abilities Nadia Brown rolled back the years with traditional English school games such as ball in basket, skittles, Quoits, sack race and the egg and spoon race. The tried and trusted figure painting was again a big favourite of the children.

However for children with the lowest abilities the last game activity was probably the most successful and embodies the whole purpose of the “Thai Voices” Project where teaching shifts from teacher led activities to student led activities.  Following consultation with Dr Keith Humphreys who is leading the project the school supported by School Director Ajarn Weera purchased a number of play equipment items that successfully demonstrated children with the lower abilities can play without direction from teaching staff.

From the pictures you will see the children could learn from playing with various items, and that concerns they did not have a long attention span were disproved when they developed themselves, playing with water, sand and vehicles, cooking ranges and dressing up.  Many of the children did not move from their selected activity for over two hours.  

Following the activities the students from Stamford International University provided music to which the children and adults alike could boogie on down to.  Lastly lunch provided by the Rotary Club Royal Hua Hin was served by RC members, friends, Stamford Rotaractors and school staff.

The Rotary Club Royal Hua Hin would also like to thank Tesco for providing Dry Goods, essential washing items and other consumables to help the school.

This day was a milestone in changing the way children with learning difficulties are taught and underpins the belief in the “Thai Voices” project.

Some photographs are below but for more CLICK HERE.